What is a brochure website and why your business needs one

December 2020 5 minute read

There are many types of website to choose from depending on your requirements, but that’s why engaging with a professional digital agency is important as they can advise on which solution best suits your needs.

One of the most basic formats, but by no means the least powerful, is a brochure website and every business should consider having one. Also known as an information website, the purpose of this type of site is to contain all the relevant details of your company, along with promoting the products or services you offer. With that in mind, continue reading to find out everything you need to know about how to build a brochure website and the benefits of having one.

What you should consider before building a brochure website

Why do you want a website?
Is it to raise your brand’s awareness, create sales leads or even use it as an internal resource? Before engaging with an agency, work out what you want to achieve from your new brochure website and what outcomes you would consider being a successful project.

Who are you talking to?
Next up, you need to consider who it is you are trying to attract. Think about your tone of voice and language to ensure you are speaking to the right people, which in turn will give you a better chance of converting.

Is SEO a factor?
Do you need to be found in Google for the product you are promoting or the service you provide? If so, you should consider carrying out some online research activities such as keyword research, competitor analysis and a site audit/back-link audit if you already have an existing website. Once you know who your customers are and what they are searching for, you can create a site structure and relevant content that speaks directly to them, providing expert results and greater value to the end-user.

Consider user experience
The design of your website can make or break the project. If it’s complicated to navigate or hard for users to contact you, they will simply switch off and move on to a competitor who does it better instead. Having clear call to actions and a simple menu system will work wonders and encourage users to engage with you.

Do you need to edit content yourself?
If you need the ability to add/edit/remove pages or content yourself, then the brochure website will need to built on a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress. Depending on your requirements, this will directly affect the budget of the project.

What are the benefits of having a brochure website for your business?

They can provide great results
Providing you have considered all of the above, this will create a fantastic foundation for you to move forward with the business and have a great chance of becoming an expert in your field by offering clear and precise solutions. If done correctly, a brochure website is an expert tool in providing online sales leads and depending on your strategy, just one lead coming directly from your website could be extremely valuable.

They can look great
A brochure website can look great as you aren’t limited to ‘standard’ functionality that’s required with an e-commerce site. All of our bespoke brochure websites use a combination of typography, animation and hi-quality photography in order to create a unique design, specifically tailored to the business’ goals. Having a great looking website can set you apart from your competition and leaves a memorable impression with your customers.

They’re cheaper to create and maintain
Depending on features and functionality, normally a brochure website is cheaper to produce over an e-commerce platform. If it’s built on a CMS such as WordPress there will be monthly security/functionality updates to consider, however, the implementation of these is again much easier and cheaper over an online store.

They can be built upon over a period of time
Providing you engage with an experienced agency such as MSGD 😉, your brochure website will be built in a modular fashion and can be built upon over a longer period of time. You can start by having a pretty basic website, but by having a solid foundation to work from, you can add new features or functionality to the site at a later date. Online booking forms, e-commerce and a blog are just a handful of features that you can look into once your online presence is better established.

Let’s discuss your brochure website

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