Explainer Videos,
Motion & Animation

We push creative boundaries to help you tell brand stories.

From promotional videos through to animation, we create films that connect with your target audience to increase awareness and engagement of your brand.

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Scripts and Storyboarding

Whether you are starting from scratch or reworking an existing script, we can help develop your story to ensure it delivers the right message. We can create storyboards to map out the visual sequence of an animation or live-action video.

Live-action Production

We have a dedicated live-action partner who has a wealth of knowledge in the process of filming. With them we have access to actors, objects, sets and can shoot, produce and direct beautiful promotional videos that speak to your audience.

Post Production

The process doesn’t stop after the shots have been captured. In post production, we combine elements such as colour correction, apply visual effects and find that perfect soundtrack. This is where everything comes together and delivered to you in various sizes for a multitude of applications.

What can MSGD do for you?

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