Developing a customer-focused UI to deliver client-focused ROI.

Evatron, a nationwide supplier of metal and plastic enclosures, set the objective of significantly increasing their customer’s use of and satisfaction with their online catalogue. Their desired benefits included increased customer retention, lower customer service costs and higher online sales.

Multiple disciplines in one integrated team.

The path from the existing website to desired return on investment involved several distinct obstacles that could only be overcome with an integrated solution that included user-centric online development, technical expertise and a design that perfectly balanced form and function.

Leveraging our existing in-house skills, we were able to resolve the legacy database issues, develop customised search functionality and design a frictionless, on-brand UI for Evatron’s staff and customers.

Working collaboratively for maximum results.

While MSGD had the skills required to resolve the technical issues with the existing product database, Evatron had detailed knowledge of their product specifications. Similarly, MSGD had the development skills and user-focused mindset to create bespoke search features, while Evatron were intimately familiar with their customer’s preferences.

The combined team was able to resolve the technical obstacles, deliver a highly-responsive database and a customised search logic that reliably presented valuable results with ease.

More visitors, more returning visitors and more sales.

With the core functionality ready and waiting to serve, the remaining tasks for the MSGD team were to attract visitors to the site and instantly impress them.

Our SEO team resolved the issues that were hampering the site’s search rankings and worked with Evatron to simplify the navigation by sharing knowledge and agreeing on changes. In parallel, the creative team produced crisp, clean visuals that embodied the Evatron brand and ensured a frictionless, satisfying experience for every customer.

The slew of cumbersome technical hurdles are now only a memory, and Evatron is currently benefiting from improved search rankings, leading to more traffic. User engagement metrics, such as the site’s significant bounce rate improvement, demonstrate that Evatron’s visitors approve of the new look and enhanced product search tool.

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