Flegg Projects

Fulfilling an ambitious growth strategy.

Flegg Projects is a respected machinery mover with international reach. Following five years of strategic growth, the company identified the need to promote its new services on its existing website. The new business structure of three specialised divisions also needed to be represented. The board wanted a refreshed website to support the different positioning for each division while integrating them into the Flegg brand.

Conveying a new business structure with a new site structure.

The project began with a discovery phase that leveraged the strong working relationships already established between MSGD and Flegg Projects Sales Director, Mark Marshall.

Mark’s detailed knowledge of his industry and target sectors enabled MSGD to architect a clear and consistent site structure. The new hierarchy and interface ensured that visitors could find what they wanted, from any page.

Building a long-term asset for attracting new customers.

The essential outcome was cost-efficient lead generation, which required high search rankings, clearly expressed specialisations and proof of expertise.

MSGD analysed Flegg Project’s competitors, in multiple sectors, and completed extensive keyword research. Still leveraging Mark’s industry expertise, the team refined the results to identify the optimal words for search engine rankings and to provide clarity for visitors.

Our in-house team wrote new copy, weaving together the keyword research, brand tone and differing messages for each division.

Evolving visuals for unified branding and effortless user experience.

MSGD’s design team refreshed the site’s visuals to convey Flegg Projects’ expert service message and provide an appealing UI, on desktop and mobile.

The final design successfully communicated Flegg Projects continued evolution and the positioning of each division as specialised areas of one robust company.

Realising the benefits with a focused SEO strategy.

Enabled by the output of the discovery work, the MSGD team pivoted and expanded the existing SEO strategy. In particular, we refined the link building tactics for each of the three specialised divisions.

Tracking by MSGD and Flegg Projects confirm a significant increase in traffic and the all-important number of qualified leads. Also, the higher lead-to-win conversion rate affirms how well the new site develops trust and communicates the specific benefits that motivate Flegg Projects’ growing customer base.

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