Creating a new brand for top 20 accountancy firm.

Having been a key part of top 20 accountancy firm, Haines Watts, for more than a decade, a select group of entrepreneurial minds wanted to explore new opportunities under a new business and powerful new brand. The expansion of their service offerings include not only accountancy and tax but also property & asset management, HR, talent development, business performance improvement and strategic planning.

The leadership team approached MSGD to work collaboratively with their head of brand and internal marketing department to develop a new name for the business and to create a striking new look that will help stand them out from the traditional accountancy look and feel.

Developing a powerful business name. 

We approached the naming and branding exercise as we would with any other, carrying out a discovery session with all of the key stakeholders. After unearthing the key attributes of the brand and carrying out competitor research we started researching business names. By using our guiding words, we created a list of possible options and disqualified those that failed our set criteria.

In collaboration with the client we collectively agreed on the name Fortus. It represented many positive and relevant terms in relation to the discovery session, it was modern, yet not extreme or unnecessarily clever, it was reflective of the culture and operation of the business, it had an optimal blend of differentiation and market fit and had ideal domain names available.

Fortuna, Favi, Fortus – Fortune Favours the Brave.

Fine tuning the brand message.

We had a name, now we needed to develop an appropriate supporting statement to sit along side it to help fortify the business positioning within the marketplace.

The name Fortus evokes associations of security, dependability and professionalism, often desired attributes of accountants. Also, as business advisors they’re strong, brave and ambitious, using their knowledge, experience and resources to guide, support and serve their growing community. They offer exciting opportunities to all, and together, provide their clients with the clarity, advice and extended team to deliver on their goals and ultimately achieve their wealth ambitions.

This statement was shortened to; Where knowledge, strength and courage deliver on your ambitions, to create a simplified strap line that encompasses the manifesto of the business.

Designing a logo that stands out.

We designed the logo to symbolise the strength of the business and professionalism of its team. We utilised a simple bold sans-serif typeface to ensure the business was represented in a modern way, which immediately stood them out from their competitors. The hexagonal ‘O’ is used within the logo but can also be used as a standalone icon, giving us more scope for design features throughout the brand. As an example, the hexagonal shape can be stacked creating a honeycomb look, this in itself can be shown to portray a strong structure reinforcing the strong, brave and ambitious attributes.

A bold colour palette was adopted and a series of stylescapes were created to start developing the brand look and feel. People are very much at the forefront of the business so we ensured they played a big part across all brand collateral. Large, bold and striking typography was used for supporting statements, titles and pull-quotes to reinforce confidence of what is being said.

Creating the foundation for success.

By becoming an extension of the Fortus team, they were able to utilise our knowledge and expertise to create a solid brand to build upon. We mocked up various collateral, which allowed their internal team and digital partners to drive and develop the brand forward themselves.

The brand has had an extremely positive response from both the internal team and their existing customers. We look forward to seeing the business show positive growth on every front over the next coming months.

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