Profound Performance

Nutritional supplements company gets a brand boost to help drive sales.

Profound Performance formulates innovative nutritional supplements designed to help sports professionals and exercise enthusiasts to optimise their training results.

The brand identified that their marketing assets were not adequately fulfilling the market potential of their cutting-edge products. Their team saw the need for a new approach to building consumer awareness and successfully collaborated with MSGD to deliver a brand update including logo designs, brand collateral, product packaging and a new website.

Using collaborative research to design a powerful brand.

MSGD and Profound Performance assembled a team with a twofold objective; to construct a brand identity that would feel immediately comprehensible to its target audience, while also communicating a unique blend of values with which they could begin to build a relationship.

The team curated and analysed examples from across the sports performance sector. Their collaborative, iterative process surfaced vital elements of brand identity, positioning and personality to include in the updated branding.

Our in-house team collated every identified element and created multiple stylescapes for feedback until arriving at the final treatment. The last step in the branding phase was to formalise the new Profound Performance identity with a set of brand guidelines, which included images, designs, colours, typography and photography.

Fortifying the brand with intelligent packaging design.

With the brand guidelines as their foundation, the team distilled the most critical elements for packaging that would attract consumers, influencers and stockists. These factors included an expression of energy and movement, brand differentiation and styling ties that enabled each product to stand alone while being very much part of a unified product family.

Leveraging many years of relevant experience, the team at MSGD created a distinctive portfolio of package designs. The collection included an inspired marketing device to amplify the brand identity. For each product, our designers created a unique icon that instantly expresses its status as both an individual product and a member of the Profound Performance brand. These memorable icons provide a powerful and flexible marketing asset with potential across print and digital.

A foundation for success within multiple target markets.

The Profound Performance marketing team’s goal was to distribute through multiple channels. It was crucial for future campaigns to have the support of a website with the ability to generate authority and speak to the needs of buyers from every channel.

The combined team reviewed their initial market research to identify the content needed to entice and motivate each of the defined personas. The challenge was to present each with the information and calls to action that would propel them to act, without creating confusion or other friction.

With the visual aspects of the brand identity already prepared, MSGD wove together the distinguishing visuals, conversion paths and persuasive copy, including compelling testimonials from relevant influencers. Combined with the focused branding and packaging designs, the resulting website provides the Profound Performance marketing team with the rich digital platform needed to attract distributors, wholesalers and retailers from industry giants to gyms and personal trainers.

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