Special Wear UK

Expressing business values with information design.

Special Wear UK provides innovative solutions in technical workwear, corporate apparel and promotional clothing. Their respected team always strive to deliver the best customer service experience possible, which they even extend to the design of their meeting rooms.

The company decided to go the extra mile with their customer meeting room by creating a unique, engaging place to do business that also highlighted the Special Wear UK values and methods.

Building trust by demonstrating commitment.

The owners of Special Wear UK understand that prospective clients want to know what it could be like to work with them. Fortunately, the company had developed a reliable 7-step process for delivering excellent customer satisfaction. What better way to show their commitment to that process than to fill an entire wall with it?

MSGD leveraged their in-house information design skills to create a large infographic that explained the seven steps with energy and clarity. Then, went a step further by evolving the graphic with 3D layers that transformed the meeting space and encouraged further engagement.

Surpassing the brief with resourceful creativity.

Special Wear UK’s 7-step process is no mere gimmick, and our team was determined to express its importance through the quality of the final installation. After reviewing and testing a variety of potential materials, MSGD delivered the multi-layered infographic using a combination of vinyl, board and stainless steel. The result was a satisfyingly high-end impression for our client’s customers.

Amplify the power of your message.

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