ZSL London Zoo

Information design helps ZSL London Zoo to engage visitors.

ZSL London Zoo needed a series of themed signs and infographics to rebrand their Rainforest Lookout and Nightzone areas, to attract and engage more visitors. After inviting MSGD to produce a piece of typographic design, the world’s oldest scientific zoo entrusted us to deliver the entire project.

Attracting footfall.

ZSL London Zoo is a 14-hectare site with many attractions. The zoo always take steps to help their visitors find the areas and events that interest them, which is why signage is an essential tool that needs to be eye-catching and easy to read from a distance.

We used rainforest themes and textures, with animal illustrations, to express the nature of these two areas, with bold titles that were visible from afar.

Engaging interest in conservation.

Once visitors arrive in an area that interests them, ZSL London Zoo is keen to build on that interest and share important information about the conservation of the animals there. Our designers blended themed graphics, typography and images to communicate vital facts about climate change, such as the effects of deforestation in the Amazon.

The result for ZSL London Zoo was a visual transformation that drew nearby visitors, clearly demarked the two attractions and expressed the importance of supporting ZSL in their many conservation efforts.

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